A Short History of North Growth Management

Rudy North co-founded Phillips, Hager & North in 1964 and for over 30 years played a central role in developing it into one of Canada’s leading independent firms for high net worth investors.

Following his retirement from PH&N, Rudy established North Growth Management Ltd. in 1998 to ensure his own money would continue to be managed according to the “Growth at a Reasonable Price” philosophy he had honed throughout his career. Rudy also sought to develop a young team of managers to carry this investing approach forward.

In mid-1998, Rudy’s son, Rory North, joined North Growth management and in 1999, assumed day-to-day control of North Growth’s operations as Lead Portfolio Manager, and subsequently also as President and CEO. Since then, supported by portfolio managers Erica Lau and Cynthia Yen, Rory has continued to lead the company according to the “Growth at a Reasonable Price” philosophy that is the cornerstone of North Growth’s business.