At North Growth Management, being fossil-free is a core element of our disciplined, long term results-oriented approach to investing.

Since we sold our last energy holding in July 2005, both the U.S. and Canadian Equity Funds have not had any direct exposure to oil and gas producers. Our carbon-free investment strategy has not sacrificed returns for unitholders. As the world continues to transition towards decarbonization, we believe that carbon investments simply do not offer compelling, long term growth opportunities.

There are two aspects to North Growth being fossil-free. First and foremost, we do not own any oil and gas producers. Secondly, as we believe non-carbon based energy sources will capture the dominant share of global energy demand growth going forward, we actively seek investments directly in clean and renewable energy.

The world’s energy future is not in oil and gas, and hence North Growth is fossil-free. We believe clean investments will enhance long term returns.